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The dates and times of live broadcasts on UnionAthletics.TV are posted below. Live links will be available approximately 5-15 minutes prior to the event start time. Refresh this page periodically to see the latest post.

For complete team schedules, visit the official website of Union Athletics, UnionAthletics.com.

Friday, January 19Women's Basketball vs. Vassar6:00 p.m.WATCH LIVE | PURCHASE
Friday, January 19Men's Basketball vs. Vassar8:00 p.m.WATCH LIVE | PURCHASE
Saturday, January 20Women's Basketball vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute2:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, January 20Men's Basketball vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute4:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, January 26Women's Basketball vs. Skidmore6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, January 26Women's Hockey vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, January 26Men's Basketball vs. Skidmore8:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, January 27Women's Basketball vs. Ithaca2:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, January 27Men's Basketball vs. Ithaca4:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 2Women's Hockey vs. Princeton6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 3Women's Hockey vs. Quinnipiac3:00 p.m.Links TBA
Tuesday, February 6Women's Basketball vs. Bard6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Tuesday, February 6Men's Basketball vs. Bard8:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 9Women's Basketball vs. St. Lawrence6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 9Men's Hockey vs. Harvard7:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 9Men's Basketball vs. St. Lawrence8:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 10Women's Basketball vs. Clarkson2:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 10Men's Basketball vs. Clarkson4:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 10Men's Hockey vs. Dartmouth7:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 16Women's Hockey vs. Cornell6:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 17Women's Hockey vs. Colgate3:00 p.m.Links TBA
Friday, February 23Men's Hockey vs. Colgate7:00 p.m.Links TBA
Saturday, February 24Men's Hockey vs. Cornell7:00 p.m.Links TBA
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